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Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2020 

2020 年8月 7-9日
Aug 7 - 9, 2020
Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC)

Strategic Partner:
China Health Care Association
China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts—Branch of Cleaning, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
China Oral Care Industry Association 
Shanghai Commodity Association
Shanghai Chain Store & Franchise Association
Jiangsu Province Toothbrush Industry Association
Shandong Daily Chemical Industry Association
Henan Cleaning Industry Association
Shantou Toothbrush Industry Association
Yangzhou Dcit Innovation Strategic Alliance

2020上海国际个人护理用品博览会(PCE个人护理展)由中国保健协会权威主办,将于2020年 8月 7-9日在上海新国际博览中心隆重举行。同期举办多场专业论坛活动,展现个护行业最新科技和发展趋势,为个人护理行业品牌与全球优质买家构建高效、高质、精准的全方位一站式的专业商贸平台。PCE2020邀您聚力个护产业升级,共享全球健康资源!
Shanghai International Personal Care Expo (PCE Personal Care Expo), as the development vane of personal care products industry, which is one of the comprehensive personal care products industry events at home. The total exhibition area of the last exhibition reached 16,000 square meters, attracted 18,650 visitors from 506 exhibitors and 48 countries and regions.
Shanghai International Personal Care Expo 2020 (PCE Personal Care Expo), sponsored by China Health Care Association, and it will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center(SNIEC) from August 7 to 9, 2020. Meanwhile, it will be held several professional forums to show the latest technology and development trend of personal care industry and build an efficient, high-quality and accurate all-round one-stop professional business platform for personal care industry brands and global quality buyers. PCE2020 invites you to participate in personal care industry upgrading and share global health resources.

 Scope of exhibits
 Head care: hair care, facial care, eye care, nose care, oral care, ear/nose care etc.
 Body care: skin care, hand and foot care, message products, plasters, physiotherapy products, etc.
 Toiletries: personal care products, household cleaning and care products, fabric cleaning and care products, etc.
 Hygiene care: toilet paper/towels, wipes, diapers, nursing pads, intimate care products, sterilizing/antibacterial products, etc.
 Personal care appliances: male/ female personal care appliances, health care appliances, maternal and child care appliances, etc.
 Others: OEM/ODM、personal care products chain franchise manufacturers and other related products.

 Wholesaler, Agent, Distributor, Trader, Retailers, Importer 
 Franchise stores, chain stores, Beauty, hair and nail spa, Medical cosmetic operation & plastic surgery organization, Maternity & baby products store, Pharmacy
 Supermarkets, Stores, Department store, Hotel
 E-commerce(JDcom, YHD.com, Amazon, Tmall, Taobao, etc.), Wechat business team
 Manufacturers, Research personnel and brand owner

1. 填写《参展申请表》邮寄/传真至主办机构,展位执行“先申请,先付款,先安排”原则;
2. 展位申请后一周内将参展费用[50%(订金)或全款]电汇或交至主办机构,余款于2020年4月20日前付清;参展商在汇出各项费用后,请将银行汇款单传真至展会主办机构;
3. 于2020年4月20日之前将企业中英文简介及广告文件(如有)以电子版本形式发送至展会主办机构,如需翻译请提前告知;
4. 根据《参展商手册》安排参展事宜(宾馆、运输、搭建、展具租赁、现场翻译等)。
 Exhibition Procedure
1. Filling in the Exhibition Application Form and send it by post/fax to the organizer. The booth shall be reserved according to the sequence of the application and payment.
2. Applicants shall pay 50% of (deposit) or full payment of exhibition fee to the organizer through telegraphic transfer or spot payment within a week after booth application and settle the balance before April 20, 2019. After all payments being settled, exhibitors shall fax the bank remittance slip to the organizer.
3. Applicants shall send their advertising documents in both Chinese and English (if any) in electronic version to the organizer before April 20, 2019. If translation service is needed, please notify the organizer in advance.
4. Related exhibition affairs, such as hotels, transportation, booth building, exhibition equipment rental, on-site interpretation, etc., shall be arranged in accordance with the Exhibitor Manual.

A.国内企业: RMB12000.00 /展期3m×3m    B.国外企业:USD3500.00 /展期3m×3m
    A.国内企业:RMB1200.00/平方米           B.国外企业:USD350.00/平方米
□封面:25000元     □封二:18000元    □彩首:12000元    □彩页:6000元
□封底:20000元     □封三:15000元    □彩末:10000元    □黑白:3000元
□展会手提袋:60000元     □胸卡/吊绳独家:50000元   □产品推介会:20000元   
□展会门票广告:30000元   □现场桁架广告:20000元/24平方米
 Exhibition Costs
 Standard exhibition booth: (Note:20% of surcharge on the booths with two sides open).
 International enterprises: USD 3500 per exhibition period with 3m*3m booth.
 Indoor Raw Space: USD 350 per square meter.
 Note: Each standard booth with 9 square meters shall include 3 sides walls, carpet, one table with two chairs, two spotlights and one 220V/500W power socket. For raw space renting, 36 square meters minimum per booth, only exhibition space offered (including 24-hour cleaning/security services), without display racks and appliances.
 New Products Promotion/Release: 30 minutes/ 10000 CNY
 New Products Promotion/Release Venue Configuration: venue Layout, stage construction, electronic screen, speakers, audience arrangement, drinking water and other supporting services;

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 Contact Us:
Shanghai Yinghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Address: Room 1001,Block 34,No.258 Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Zip Code: 201612
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